Door Bell Chrome Embossed PRESS Round Bell | Renovator’s Supply

Renovator's Supply - Embossed with 'PRESS'. Antique doorbells push button: Instantly step up your curb appeal with a chrome-plated solid brass Vintage doorbell plate. Screws included. This push push button style doorbell mounts to an existing electric doorbell system not included. Door bells, well made and distinctive. Traditional round beveled design.

Shop for your Door Bells here today. Solid brass Doorbell Button. Measures 2 1/2 in. Chrome-plated brass. Dia.

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Morris Products 78140 Bells, 4" bell

Morris Products 78140 - Can be operated by 6 vDC or 8 to 16 VAC transformer. This doorbell is suitable for a wide range of home, office, or business applications. Morris products manufactures electrical and lighting products such as meters and testers, power connectors, tools, and organizational devices. The morris products 78140 home doorbell has a 4" diameter and can be operated with 6 VDC or an 8 to 16 VAC transformer.

The company, is headquartered in Queensboro, founded in 1994, NY. Snap-on cover for wiring access. Satin aluminum finish. It has a satin aluminum finish and a removable snap-on cover for access to wiring for installation. 4", 6 vdc home doorbell.

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