JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Safe Effective Dog Fence Collar, Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Collar Receiver White, Collar Receiver

JUSTPET #ad - 4. Method for using the collar receiver 1. Package included collar receiver, high flex collar strap and test light. The receiver will enter the sleep state when it keeps not working for 30 seconds, touch the receiver to activate it, which can save power. 6. 3. Let your dogs wear this collar receiver then dogs can be added indefinitely to our product of wireless dog fence system.

The receiver adopts battery power supply, after the charging line is inserted, when the battery is charged full, the signal lamp flashes, the signal indicator keeps on. The receiver is waterproof and chargeable. 4. Press it once to shut down the product. 2. It's normal when shack the receiver necklet with a noises, there is a tact switch inside it.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Safe Effective Dog Fence Collar, Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Collar Receiver White, Collar Receiver #ad - If it flashes for many times, the function will keep valid after releasing the key, signal indicator keeps ON when starting the product. 2. If the emitter is manually turned off, it automatically stops the training function to the dog without generating static electric shock to harm the dog. Pets can be added indefinitely to the system as long as they wear the receiver of this product.

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JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

JUSTPET #ad - The collar can be adjusted in size from 8-28 inches and is suitable for all sizes dogs of 10-110 pounds. Important note: this product is not applicable to indoor use since there's too many interference factors in indoor. The dog which runs out of the set range will receive vibration and static electric shock, while other dogs will not.

. Please read the manual carefully before use This product relies on wireless signal, many factors may affect the control range, such as air humidity, walls, wireless signal and so on. The signal light will flash when the receiver is low battery. The distance is accurate, a total of 90 levels adjustment, and can be selected as required.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence #ad - The dog collar receiver provides vibration and a 3. 7v low-voltage static electric shock function, and adopts the latest technology★the receiver will not vibrate, the electric shock will not be enabled and the test lamp will not turn on after the main unit is shut down. It's capable of the reliably protecting your pet and excellent contain your pet within the set boundary.

If the dog exceed the set activity range, vibration and static shock dog training function will automatically start to warn the dog back to the safe area. Patent, and is safe and reliable without harm to dog during training. Signal stability and accuracy★the wireless dog fence adopts the international 433MHz channel frequency with dual antenna transmission, and features improved transmission efficiency.

The radio wave has stronger penetration and diffraction ability than single antenna, which makes the data transmission distance longer and provides more stable signal for the dog collar receiver at long distance, makes the receiver process and execute actions more accurately and quickly.

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