Thomas & Betts #DH924 4″ Chrome RDN DR Bell

Thomas & Betts DH924 - Required: 16v, push buttons as needed, 5-9v dc or 8-16 ac transformercarlon dh905 Bell Wire & DH965, 10VA TransformerFor Use With 4, Single Door Operation. For new installation, the following is required: 16V, 10va transformer, Carlon DH905 Bell Wire&DH965. Push buttons as needed. Thomas & betts" chrome round door bell size : 4" For new installation.

Chrome. For use with 4, 5-9v dc or 8-16 AC Transformer. 4". Round Door Bell. Chrome round door bell. Single door operation.

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Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer

Honeywell RCA900N1008/N - Input 120v ac 60Hz. Output of 16 v aC 10 VA. Use with wired door chimes and pushes. A low voltage transformer, the rca900n features an output of 16V AC 10VA from a standard input of 120V AC 60 Hz and works with every Honeywell wired door chime product.

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