Warner Decorative Leather Strap Door Bell 28” With 10 Silver Plated Jingle Sleigh Bells

WARNER SPORTING - Puppy Training Bells. If your pet is scratching at your door and you do not hear it over your TV, these bells are your answer. Train your puppy, dog, or cat to bump these bells to let you know they have to go outside. Bass Bells. These are also great decorative bells to have hanging, just for the look, and to let you know someone came through the door.

Your pet will learn quickly with a little training. A leather lacing for easy hanging on door knob or anywhere else you would like to hang it. Decorative Door Bells. Sleigh Bells. Hanging Bells. Decorative door bell 28" leather with 10 silver-plated Sleigh Bells This 28" long by 1" wide handcrafted brown leather strap has Ten 1 ½" Nickel Plated Bells.

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Weaver Arctic Sleigh Bell Door Hanger - No. of Bells:6 Bells Metal Plate:Nickel

Weaver Leather - Color: Burgandy. Creased leather edges give the strap a finished look. Easily hang with the burgundy latigo leather lacing. Size: 1 x 15. 5. Handcrafted from classic black leather, this door hanger has six 1-1/2" nickel plated bells that offer a delightful jingle.

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